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Who we are

Maison Forine is a brand owned by Kedaung Europe a.s. (houseware and Glassware Manufacturer, based in Czech Republic), part of KIG Group. We focus on the production of high quality beverage glassware, just like HoreCa products. We are also produces own cartons (packaging), moulds and plastic accessories. Major markets: Middle East, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Northern America and South Africa.

Our story

Glassmaking has a very long tradition in Bohemia, and during this time Czech glass has become a worldwide phenomenon. This is no accident – it is due to the exceptional craftsmanship and inventiveness of Czech glassmakers. We continue this historical tradition – with respect, skill and creativity.

The glassworks was founded in 1967 as aconsortium of Bohemia companies from the Ceskomoravska vysocina area. The first mentions of glass production in this region date back to the turn of the 16th and 17th century. The tried and tested formulas and the concentration of craftsmanship in the area have contributed to the worldwide popularity of the broad and diverse assortment of quality glass products.

The glassworks has always, for the whole time of its existence, invested in the latest technology. Handmade production and machine-blown production started in 1975, and another machine line went live at a later stage.

1985 – 2007
Another important milestone was the deployment of machine glass-cutting capacity in 1985. The year 1999 saw amajor turnaround in the ratio of the traditional handmade production to the automated production which was induced by the acquisition of glass press machines. The trend of investing in progressive technology continued; approximately 500 million Czech crowns and 170 million Czech crowns were invested in 2000 an 2007, respectively, into a new furnace with the capacity of 36 tons and high-performance automated production lines for a new type of molten glass made to a new formula – and this is the glass the factory is making today.

In 2009, the glassworks was taken over by a new owner and he ceased its production of 24 % lead crystal. The glassworks now focuses exclusively on the new molten glass formula – branded as “crystalite” – and largely machine-made.

The new and modern formula lends itself excellently to the sophistication of modern design and the products are sold in 45 countries of the world. At present, the factory operates 2 lines for machine production of blown beverage glass in the capacity of approximately 18 million units per year, and 4 automated lines for the production of household glass in the capacity approximately 3 million units. In September 2010 we constructed 3rd furnace for pressed decanter production and during April 2011 we are going to start 4th with pressed hollowware technology so we doubled our capacity giftware which helps us to speed delivery dates rapidly.

We have also joined with small factory in South East Czech republic and we enlarged our assortment of premium quality mouth blown design articles and variety of additional decoration like gold and platinum painting, needle etching, dia etching etc..

Unique Technology


  • Heat & Toughened rim – Chip resistant, laser cut
  • Ecological – Lead free glass
  • Smooth touch – Fire polished transition
  • Stronger stem – Fire polished
  • Titanium Crystal Glass – Tougher glass,
  • Abrasion resistant, Shatter resistant, Crystal clear, Brilliant shine
  • Easy Care – Dishwasher safe, Easy clean, Stronger & durable